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2014 growth continues to show that the UK is open for business and the direction is positive.
After the disappointment of Football and Tennis results it’s great to see an F1 success with Lewis Hamilton and his Mecedes team and Jenson Button with the Mclaren team.
The Tour de France shows again that the UK can organise and support the “big event” well done to all involved in showcasing the UK again to the world.

The bad news about the NHS has continued over recent weeks and months, much of this “news” originates from reports of past events. Clearly there have been many serious failings which have resulted in tragedy for many families and improvements must be made.
A&E is continues to be criticised but in reality it is working harder than ever with large increases in patients of which 94% are treated within 4 hours.

Doctors surgeries are said to be the place to go but you cannot get an appointment within 7 days unless you are lucky so people go to A&E.

I have long believed that the NHS should operate on a fully staffed 24 hour basis utilising the capital equipment and buildings, diagnosing and treating patients quickly and thereby reducing the long-term total costs of poor health to the nation.

The latest “report” published about the direction for Accident and Emergency care has some very good ideas, however, to implement these ideas will mean more trained staff and equipment from an already stretched service.
The first priority in my opinion is to eliminate waste with the NHS to free up resources. When I talk about waste it is wasted activities, time, energy and materials.

I get the feeling that the NHS is under such continuous political change pressure that its objectives and direction is lost and management has lost control, but there are great things achieved within the NHS, so lets hear about them.

Businesses feel free to publish your GOOD UK NEWS on gooduknews, we want to hear that things are improving. Innovation will inspire others to succeed, from small beginnings, ideas and success grows. Growth is the keyword for UK recovery.

Elimination of waste is not only a target for the NHS, it is a target for UK industry and even a Global target, wasted energy, wasted time or wasted materials. Achieving waste elimination is Good News for everybody. Share and Learn

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