Stamp Duty revamp.

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George Osbourne brightens a cold UK day with news that the Stamp Duty on house purchases is to be completely revamped. This will result in 98% of house purchases seeing a reduction in the cost of buying.
Great news which will help first time buyers and those making their first house upgrade.

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Inaugural World Water Summit

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The Economist Events Launches Inaugural World Water Summit
World experts will gather in London this November 6th to catalyse action in response to the looming global water crisis.
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Demand for water is rising rapidly, yet nature has decreed that supply is fixed. Now is the time for action.
London, UK (PRWEB UK) 13 October 2014

Amid warnings that nearly half the world’s population could face a scarcity of water by 2030 as demand outstrips supply by 40%, The Economist Events will gather leading global authorities on water at the inaugural World Water Summit at The Crystal, London, on Thursday November 6th 2014 .
The Summit will unite public, private and NGO sectors around a common interest: how to stop talking about the world water crisis and start acting. A high-level audience will identify how both countries and companies can make better use of their water resources, examine the tensions and complexities of the water-food-energy nexus, confront the challenges facing sanitation and hygiene, and explore what lies ahead for the sustainability of water security in the post-2015 agenda.
“Demand for water is rising rapidly, yet nature has decreed that supply is fixed. The World Water Summit launches at a time when the increasing pressures of population growth, climate change, industrialisation and food production mean that access to water is becoming a fundamental issue to individuals, governments, companies and ecosystems,” commented John Parker, Environment Editor at The Economist, who is co-chairing the event with environmental writer Fred Pearce.
Key speakers debating the role of policy, the private sector, data, technology and agriculture in world water will include:
Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations
Mohamed Yousef Al Madfaei, Executive Director, Integrated Environment Policy and Planning, Abu Dhabi Environment Agency
Christophe Beck, Executive Vice-president and President, International Regions, Ecolab
Brian Arbogast, Director of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Kerry Preete, Executive Vice-president, Global Strategy, Monsanto
Barbara Frost, Chief Executive, WaterAid
Alan Clark, Chief Executive, SABMiller
Dave Tickner, Chief Freshwater Adviser, WWF
For the latest programme and to register your place at the event, please visit the World Water Summit website here.
You can also join us on Twitter at #watersummit and @EconomistEvents

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Uber Taxi discount code

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Gooduknews is pleased to be able to share this amazing £20 offer from Uber Hoteltonight. Share with your friends.


Only valid until 1st November 2014, so why not try out this great way of ordering and using Taxis.
Don’t have the HotelTonight app yet? Download it by going to and enter the code UBERHT for a discount on your first hotel booking.

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NHS Statistics collection

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I recently had a reason to attend A&E at the Royal Surrey Hospital.
The service received was excellent, seen quickly, and an assessment made which required no further treatment. The only improvement recommendation I would have would be the reception could smile a little to help the pain go away.
After the visit I receive a text message asking me searching questions about my visit and service provided.

Now recognising I have gone to an Accident and Emergency unit with what may have been a broken limb, I get asked the question
“How likely are you to recommend our Emergency department to your family and friends if they needed similar care or treatment”

This is the local A and E where else would you go, good or bad recommendation, you cannot get to a Doctor in any other way if you have an accident!. Its not a restaurant

Questions about reception, treatment time, cleanliness, staff etc would seem more appropriate and actionable on the feedback received.

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Harry Potter Studio Tour

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Last weekend I visited the Harry Potter studio tour, if you have not been there it’s a must. This is a real tourist attraction.
The studio, the organisation and the shear scale of the design details that were built into the studio to make the Harry Potter films is truly amazing.
Be prepared to spend time looking at the many thousands of artifacts from the films. From detailed sets to stunning costumes, props and animatronics, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London provides a unique showcase of the extraordinary British artistry, technology and talent that went into making the most successful film series of all time.
If you are a Harry Potter fan, this is the place to go.
Access is easy will links from the M25 if you travel by car with plenty of car parking available or there a bus service which takes you right to the door.
Well done Warner Bros for keeping this place alive.

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NEW YORK, March 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:
Fuel Cell Market Outlook 2020

The fuel cell industry, which is presently on a nascent stage, presents huge potential for growth in the coming years. Its efficiency created demand for the technology in various application areas including military, electronic devices, transportation, traffic signaling, security and remote monitoring, etc. Also, declining prices of fuel cells and advanced R&D activities are adding growth to the fuel cell market, making it affordable for individuals to embrace this technology. Considering the aforementioned factors, the market is therefore anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 22% during 2014-2020.
In the latest research study, “Fuel Cell Market Outlook 2020″, RNCOS’ analysts have analyzed the market dynamics in important segments to draw attention to the areas offering immense possibilities for companies to boost their growth. The report studies the market on three grounds viz. by region (North America, Europe, Asia and RoW), by type (PEMFC, DMFC and SOFC) and by application (Transportation, Stationary and Portable).
Additionally, an in-depth country level analysis of major fuel cell markets has also been incorporated into the report, covering study of current market scenario, government initiatives & funding and recent developments in each country. The different trends of the market too have been studied in the report along with forecasts to provide an understanding of the market’s dynamics.
On the global front, patent review is discussed to aid players in designing their business strategies and to provide them with key insights about the competitors. Also, to provide an unbiased outlook of the global fuel cell market to clients, our report also includes the profiles of key industry players with their key financials and recent developments. In nutshell, the research provides all the prerequisite information for intending clients looking out to venture into this industry, and facilitates them to devise strategies while going for an investment/partnership in the global fuel cell market.1. Analyst View2. Research Methodology3. Introduction to Fuel Cells4. Industry Trends4.1 Rising Alliances with Automobile Companies Propelling the Market4.2 Telecom Industry to Drive Fuel Cells Market Growth4.3 Growing Investments to Support Fuel Cells R&D4.4 Declining Cost of Fuel Cells Boosting the Industry5. Industry Performance Outlook to 20175.1 Market Overview5.2 Shipments by Region5.3 Shipments by Fuel Cell Type5.4 By Application5.4.1 Transportation5.4.2 Stationary5.4.3 Portables5.5 Research and Developments5.5.1 Superior Material for Fuel Cell5.5.2 Platinum Free PEM Fuel Cell5.5.3 Durability of PEM Fuel Cell Membrane5.5.4 Low-Temperature Catalytic Process6. Country Level Analysis6.1 Japan6.2 US6.3 South Korea6.4 China6.5 Germany6.6 UK6.7 Canada6.8 Denmark6.9 India6.10 South Africa7. Patent Review at Global Level8. Industry Players (Key Stats & Recent Activities)8.1 FuelCell Energy, Inc.8.2 Ballard Power Systems, Inc.8.3 Hydrogenics Corporation8.4 SFC Energy AG8.5 Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (CFCL)8.6 ITM Power8.7 Plug Power8.8 ClearEdge Power8.9 Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies8.10 Intelligent Energy
List of Figures:
Figure 5-1: Global – Fuel Cell Shipments (‘000 Units), 2012-2020Figure 5-2: Global – Fuel Cell Market (Billion US$), 2012-2020Figure 5-3: Global – Fuel Cell Power Shipments (MW), 2012-2020Figure 5-4: Global – Fuel Cell Shipments by Region (%), 2013Figure 5-5: Global – Forecast for Fuel Cell Shipments by Region (%), 2020Figure 5-6: Global – Fuel Cell Power Shipments by Region (%), 2013Figure 5-7: Global – Forecast for Fuel Cell Power Shipments by Region (%), 2020Figure 5-8: Global – Fuel Cell Shipments by Type (%), 2013Figure 5-9: Global – Forecast for Fuel Cell Shipments by Type (%), 2020Figure 5-10: Global – Fuel Cell Power Shipments by Type (%), 2013Figure 5-11: Global – Forecast for Fuel Cell Power Shipments by Type (%), 2020Figure 5-12: Global – Fuel Cell Shipments by Application (%), 2013Figure 5-13: Global – Forecast for Fuel Cell Shipments by Application (%), 2020Figure 5-14: Global – Fuel Cell Revenue by Application (%), 2013Figure 5-15: Global – Forecast for Fuel Cell Revenue by Application (%), 2020Figure 5-16: Global – Transport Fuel Cell Shipments (‘000 Units), 2012-2020Figure 5-17: Global – Transport Fuel Cell Market (Million US$), 2012-2020Figure 5-18: Global – Transport Fuel Cell Power Shipments (MW), 2012-2020Figure 5-19: Global – Cumulative Hydrogen Fueling Stations (2011 & 2012)Figure 5-20: Global – Cumulative Hydrogen Fueling Stations by Region (%), 2012Figure 5-21: Global – Stationary Fuel Cell Shipments (‘000 Units), 2012-2020Figure 5-22: Global – Stationary Fuel Cell Market (Million US$), 2012-2020Figure 5-23: Global – Stationary Fuel Cell Power Shipments (MW), 2012-2020Figure 5-24: Global – Large Stationary Fuel Cell Shipments (‘000 Units), 2012-2020Figure 5-25: Global – Small Stationary Fuel Cell Shipments (‘000 Units), 2012-2020Figure 5-26: Global – Small Stationary Fuel Cell Shipments by Technology (%), 2013Figure 5-27: Global – Portable Fuel Cell Shipments (‘000 Units), 2012-2020Figure 5-28: Global – Portable Fuel Cell Market (Million US$), 2012-2020Figure 5-29: Global – Portable Fuel Cell Power Shipments (MW), 2012-2020Figure 5-30: Global – Portable Fuel Cell Shipments by Technology (%), 2013Figure 6-1: Japan – Fuel Cell Shipments (‘000 Units), 2012-2020Figure 6-2: Japan – Fuel Cell Market (Billion JPY), 2012-2020Figure 6-3: US – Fuel Cell Shipments (‘000 Units), 2012-2020Figure 6-4: South Korea – Fuel Cell Shipments (Units), 2012-2020Figure 6-5: China – Fuel Cell Distribution in Power Generation System (%), 2011Figure 6-6: Germany – Fuel Cell Shipments (‘000), 2012-2020Figure 7-1: Global – Number of Fuel Cell Patent Applications and Patent Granted (2010 & 2011)Figure 7-2: Global – Fuel Cell Patents Granted by Countries (%), 2011
List of Tables:
Table 5-1: Global – Fuel Cell R&D Expenditure by Country (CAD)Table 6-1: Japan – Number of Fuel Cell Patent Application and Patent Granted (2010 & 2011)Table 6-2: Japan – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research Funding (Million US$), FY 2012Table 6-3: US – Number of Fuel Cell Patent Application and Patent Granted (2010 & 2011)Table 6-4: US – Fuel Cell Funding (‘000 US$), FY 2010-FY 2013Table 6-5: Korea – Fuel Cell Fleet Program by Phase (2010-2013)Table 6-6: Korea – Roadmap for Fuel Cell R&DTable 6-7: South Korea – Number of Fuel Cell Patent Application and Patent Granted (2010 & 2011)Table 6-8: China – Number of Fuel Cell Patent Application and Patent Granted (2010 & 2011)Table 6-9: China – FCVs Projects (2011-2015)Table 6-10: Germany – Number of Fuel Cell Patent Application and Patent Granted (2010 & 2011)Table 6-11: UK – Number of Fuel Cell Patent Application and Patent Granted (2010 & 2011)Table 6-12: Canada – Number of Fuel Cell Patent Application and Patent Granted (2010 & 2011)Table 6-13: Denmark – Number of Fuel Cell Patent Application and Patent Granted (2010 & 2011)Table 6-14: India – Number of Fuel Cell Patent Application and Patent Granted (2010 & 2011)Table 6-15: India – Fuel Cells R&D and Demonstration ProjectsTable 6-16: South Africa – Number of Fuel Cell Patent Application and Patent Granted (2010 & 2011)Table 7-1: Global – Patents Assigned for Fuel CellsTable 7-2: Global – Top Ten Assignees of Fuel Cell Patents (Number) 2010 & 2011
To order this report: Fuel Cell Market Outlook 2020

Contact Clare:

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Energy Comparison websites

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To ensure you are getting the best deal for your energy you must either carry out a spreadsheet analysis of various potential energy suppliers charges or use one or more of the energy comparison websites.

I always carry out the check using at least 2 different sites to look for energy suppliers.
I prefer to use kWh used over the previous year as an input rather than the energy cost. This allows me to check the total cost impact when varying the amount of energy used.

However the models used for the calculations do not take into effect the summer/winter variations of consumption as they tend to work on average values.

Most households use less energy in the summer months, maybe even zero energy during one or two months of the year, so do consider looking at the fixed costs associated with the tariff as well as the variable unit costs. Don’t just think that the lowest unit cost will give you the lowest overall cost of energy.

Finally think about cancellation charges before you switch!

When you have completed the calculations, make sure you understand if there are any additional discounts to be considered or you know whether they have already been taken into account by the company doing the calculation.
An example of results from different sites is listed below using the same input numbers generally identify Spark energy as the lowest cost supplier in my area although two sites gave different results with also different calculated costs. Interestingly there were more differences in costs between suppliers outside of the lowest cost.   — Spark Energy saving £41 total £1518   — Spark Energy saving £41 total £1518  — Spark Energy saving $41 total £1518  — Spark Energy saving $41  — Scottish Power saving £22 total £1792  — EON saving £8 total £1548  —  Spark Energy saving £117 total £1518 — Scottish power saving £14 total £1542

There are other people who will calculate and compare energy tariffs the above just are the highest listing when searching on Google.

Lets hear you experience in choosing you energy supplier

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Share and Learn

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Lets start the sharing with reducing energy waste around the home.
lets hear about your ideas to share with others.
Do you have a hot water tank? Ensure it is insulated with a jacket the number one Return on Investment saving item.

Do you use electricity or use your central heating system to heat your hot water? ensure you set the controls to only heat the water during the periods you are using heating. Do not heat water when radiators are not in use as you will waste energy heating the water in the pipes just for the hot water system.

Central heating set the controls to turn off the heating one hour before you go to bed.
If you have heating on in the morning before you get up turn it off one hour before leaving for work or going shopping.

Don’t forget to look at comparison websites to find the lowest cost utility supplier for you. It is very easy to switch!.

Lets have your ideas to share

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UK Parliament speaks

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Well done UK Members of Parliament (MP), not something you hear said very often but on Syria I think this was the correct decision.
The Syrian civil war is a problem that needs its supporters, mainly Russia and China, to use their influence to stop the fighting and certainly stop the use of chemical weapons. However the destruction and death caused by the bomb and bullet has been much more severe than any reported chemical attack and this should be the focus of the world to stop destruction and death however caused.
The UK should keep providing humanitarian support and focus its efforts on getting Russia and China to act.
The world should use its financial, trade and political muscles to convince supporters of Syria to act.

Following the UK Prime Minister Cameron’s example, President Obama has chosen to present Americas case for action to seek Congress approval before any strike against Syria.

Your thoughts?

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Household energy consumption reduces

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According to the Office of National Statistics, the average household energy consumption in England and Wales decreased 24.7% between 2005 and 2011, from 26.2 megawatt hours (MWhr) in 2005 to 19.7mWh in 2011.
The East Midlands had the highest household energy consumption for every year in the period but also had the largest decrease in consumption.

The South West had the lowest average household energy consumption for five of these years. The only two years when the South West did not record the lowest energy consumption were 2005 and 2011, when Wales had the lowest energy consumption per household.It is interesting to note that those areas also had the lowest average reduction in energy consumption.

The average decrease in energy consumption per household is significant at 24.7% with major variations across the country. Clearly energy conservation measures work and should be continued in the future.

The difference in household energy reduction between the East Midlands area and other parts of the country are significant and more work should be undertaken to identify the cause of this difference.

With 23.4 million households in England and Wales there is a significant amount of energy to be saved. If each household has an average energy cost of £1000 per year the average annual savings equate to £41 per household or £960 Million per year.

What are you doing in your house or business to save energy, clearly energy can be saved and this saves both you and the country money. Let us hear your energy-saving ideas.

You can find some data on energy saving ideas and how to calculate savings from theEnergy Saving Trust

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