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2014 growth continues to show that the UK is open for business and the direction is positive.
The Scottish referendum has resulted in a support of maintaining the UK
The bad news about the NHS has continued over recent weeks and months, with now, according to The Times newspaper, some ministers saying they got it wrong. That has to be good news that the government is waking up and agreeing that it needs to focus and target wasted money.
I repeat a previous message For goodness sake its about time the Government and the management of the NHS got positive and started to sort things out.

We have many challenges which could set the UK back , Ebola, ISIS and the continuing difficulties in Europe and beyond.

Businesses feel free to publish your Business news on gooduknews, we want to hear that things are improving. Innovation will inspire others to succeed, from small beginnings, ideas and success grows. If you are a manufacturer, we would like to hear your Manufacturing news. Growth is the keyword for UK recovery.

Elimination of waste is not only a target for the NHS, it is a target for UK businesses and industry as well as a Global target.
Wasted energy, wasted time or wasted materials, achieving waste elimination is Good News for everybody. Share and Learn

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