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Is the media Anti Brexit?

The UK after Brexit requires positive promotion by news media around the world.
Why do BBC TV reporters, try to embarrass the Prime Minister at news conferences especially when visiting other countries?
As a TV viewer and news reader, I am not interested in the Headline Grabbing nonsense news.
I am interested in how the meetings with foreign government leaders progressed and what was the primary purpose and outcome of the visit, and how this could affect the UK’s Brexit future.
To be asked questions about who was “in command of the cabinet” and “back seat driving” is is just trying to stir up Headlines. Its not news yet its the first item shown on the News at Ten.
The response given was predictable yet it still manages to provide more headlines.
It is rude when reporters shout out questions to anybody let alone government ministers when they are in public places expecting a reply yet the BBC political reporters do this regularly.

Brexit is a challenge across multiple fronts.
We have a negotiation to get through, we do not control the outcome, we can only influence the final outcome by hard negotiation and promoting a win-win outlook with the EU countries.
We need to generate a positive outlook and confidence within the UK that we can survive as a country on our own.
We need to convince the world that we are open for business and ready to act on our own.
We need Leadership.

Lets have more UK promotion in the Media.

Lets get on with it.

With all of the talk about our negotiations with the EU over our exit terms why do many people not seem to understand that the EU has the controlling voice and has stated very clearly its opening position that we cannot be members of the EU Single Market if we leave the EU (which we have already voted to leave!). If we want access to a market that involves the EU we are going to have to play tough and get out there establishing our own market relationships with the world and see if EU would like to join us. Unfortunately we cannot do this without first leaving the EU, as we could be subject to EU legal penalties.
The EU will not just give-in to the UK, that is very clear, Cameron tried in the past with threats of UK leaving the EU and that did not work, so the message must be lets get on with it.
It will be painful but the longer we talk without making it clear what we are doing the more the financial markets and businesses will act, maybe making it more difficult for the UK to recover in the future.

Is now the time to buy British?

Is now the time to Buy British? The UK is a major buyer of goods and services from the EU and unless we manage to secure a mutually beneficial deal on Brexit we could change our buying decisions.

UK businesses need to have the support of the British public and “Buy British” should now be an important factor in our product selection.

That sounds easy but can you quickly tell which products are produced by British companies? Its not always easy.

As we approach Brexit we all need to start thinking about this.
Who do we bank with?
Who supplies our Energy? Out of the Big Six energy companies only British Gas and SSE are British.
Which cars do we buy?
What food do we eat?

Manufacturers need to start promoting Made in Britain to help us make our buying decisions easier in case – we need to!.